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About us

The Beginning


A small group of two young boys and three young girls started small activities as volunteers. They raised funds through campaign and organized small activities such as book bank, tree planting and small gifts to orphan children. With the passage of time, some more people joined them. In December 2008, this group had a meeting and in this meeting, they decided to give this group a shape of an NGO.


Organization Background

Joshua Welfare Organization (JWO) came into existence in June 2009. It is registered under the Society Registration Act (XXI of 1860),with its main office in Warispura, Faisalabad, Pakistan.
It is a non-profit, non-sectarian, non-political humanitarian organization committed to empower, sensitize and mobilize the marginalized and downtrodden communities to use their own talent, time and treasure on integrated human and social development towards vigilant society having vibrant-equitable economy, healthy communities and harmonious human relation.
JWO designed its Programs and Services to enhance capacities of the marginalized and downtrodden communities from relief-rehabilitation-dependent to active-capable communities in order to work together in their own way,the establishment of equitable socio-economic ventures;improvement of health services;broadening of space for peace;and strengthening ofcharity-for-disaster preparedness.
Within few years of existence, JWO has already been able to involve in empowering and mobilizing children, youth, women, widows, religious groups, disabled persons and victims of natural disasters. It has also able to develop a wide networking and close links with CBOs and other NGOs to work on more sensitive and common issues in the local and national levels, including campaigns against the prohibited drugs and the killer HIV/AIDS disease.
As special focus communities, the youth, children and women, JWO mobilized special workshops, seminars and debates for youth on topics leadership and vocations to prepare them to cope with future challenges in shaping a new model of economy and society as the next generation of leaders. Children as their successor, even in their childish stage, JWO has designed special indoor and outdoor activities to start building their awareness and capacities. Finally, the organization gave special attention to psychological, physical and capacity enhancement needs of women as the mother and the closest guardian of this youth and children for them to cope their responsibility of giving guidance. 


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